This is one successful Western Digital hard drive firmware repair and data recovery case study for one Dolphin user in Peru.

Patient HDD ID:

465 GB(976773168)
SPT: 1437

Patient HDD Failure Symptoms:

Inaccessible data area, full disk bad sectors

Required HDD repair tools and data recovery tools to fix the faulty hard drive:

DFL-WD hdd repair tool
DFL-DDP data recovery equipment

Patient HDD repair and data recovery steps:

1, Backup ROM and key firmware modules;
2, Slow fix;
3, Test firmware modules and found the module 32 was corrupted and couldn’t be read;
4, Wrote donor module 32;
5, Right click on module 32 and clear the module;
6, Restart firmware;
7, Open DFL-DDP data recovery equipment and the lost partition and folders and files were all recovered.

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WD Blue Slim hard drives are more and more common data recovery cases within the data recovery lab. Amoung these cases, the physical cases are most and most cases are contaminated on heads or platters.

This new slim drives are not only ‘slim’ in thickness, but also ‘slim’ in inner space and this make it very difficult to swap heads, if users swap heads in traditional way, it doesn’t work at all or the heads will be destoryed mostly. Read more