Western Digital SMR HDD System Format Data Recovery

It’s possible to recover lost data from Western Digital SMR HDD suffering system accidental format by DFL-WD hdd repair tool and DFL-DDP data recovery hardware tool.

For WD SMR HDD system format, it’s more complicated to get lost data back for data recovery engineers than traditional hdd format.

For system format of WD SMR HDD, except the new system data, all other data area become 0000 if users check the hdd by Hex tool. This is because WD SMR HDD system format will cause data-related firmware module change and in some cases, the data is permanently lost.

For data recovery engineers with DFL data recovery tools, they can fix some of these WD SMR HDD format cases with the following new firmware module solution:

Many DFL users have reported to us that they have fixed many WD SMR HDD cases from their competitors who failed to recover lost data with other data recovery tools.

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