128GB SSD Successful Data Recovery By DFL-DDP

This is one case study offered by one of Dolphin users in BANGLADESH-Mr. Shahi and great thanks to him who is using Dolphin data recovery tools with success and is willing to share his experience.

It was a case MICRON 128GB RealSSD C400.

When the ssd was Received, It was not detecting at all, the client tried in 3/4 shops earlier but none of them were able to do anything on it because it was not detecting at all.

Then the client came to Mr. Shahi, and he checked on Computer, the SSD was not detected too.
Mr Shahi checked the status on MHDD, 2 ERROR Register ERR, AMNF/ABRT (can’t remember another register as it has been 7-8 days so far).

Status: Drive Is Not Ready.

Then connected to DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment. Status was BUSY for 2-3 mins, after a short while, waited,… Then Shahi surprisingly the drive came READY.

Checked the FILE Extractor, files could’t be explored. Started Imaging. Wow, imaging was done within (+ -) half an hour. 100% Data Recovered.

For experimental purpose, then checked the File Extractor again, now the file extractor worked directly.
Powered Off/On, the SSD works normally now. Till date, Mr. Shahi has been testing the SSD for last 4-5 days, whenever and/or in whatever PC he connected the SSD, it works fine now.

Anyway, DFL-DDP USB3.0 is mainly used to recover lost data from SATA/IDE/USB hard drives, and in some situations, if not severe controller damage or firmware problem, DFL-DDP helps too for the SSD and flash drives too.

More and more users are using DFL-DDP USB3.0 tool with success and Dolphin Data Lab will create more new useful data recovery solutions to be added to this data recovery equipment and make our users more successful.