When we’re talking about clicking drives, we can always connect it to physical damage to hard drive inside components, such as the failure in the head or preamplifier chip that is located on the headstack. But As one skilled hdd repair and data recovery engineer, you must also know clicking drives can be also caused by firmware corruption. If you want to secure your data, you must diagnose your clicking hard drives correctly and take the right hdd repair solution with professional hdd repair tools. You may want to know what others cause the hard drive clicking. Now let’s see some live examples by some clients in our data recovery lab: Read more

WD HDD Directory Module editing is one very important hdd firmware repair feature and one new hdd repair function of DFL-WDII which has helped many data recovery engineers restore and recover the lost data from damaged WD hdd drives. Read more

DFL-WDII HDD Firmware Repair Tool: Edit DIR Module Starting Offset

To edit the starting offset of the DIR module is one new feature to be used on the latest ROYL series WD drives.

The function can be easily used to edit the SA’s starting address recorded in the firmware module 01 and it is one of the important and advanced hdd repair and data recovery features for data recovery success. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has been dealing with Western Digital hard drive repair and data recovery for a long time and we’ve found when the WD hard drives are not detected or suffering clicking noises, it’s mostly due to the damage in firmware modules.

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Dolphin Data Lab is happy to join the union with Dolphin Data Lab and Portugal PC Lab and we are now inviting more clients to attend the advanced data recovery training courses in Portugal, Europe. Read more

DFL-WDII is not only one great hdd firmware repair hardware tool for Western Digital hard drives but also is one very cost-effective data recovery hardware with free but regular software upgrade and we are releasing the following new release of Version 2.3.2 with the following new features: Read more