This is one of success data recovery cases done by DFL engineer today for an India user. Here are the reported symptoms by user: case detection is good but the sectors are not accessible, I unlocked ROM and I read sector, every sector value was showing encrypted, so I decided to write back original ROM to patient, but the same issue persisted with no sector access, how to solve this problem? Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has released the latest WD SMR HDD Module 190 Auto Repair Solution within the DFL-DDP data recovery tool.

According to the feedback of Dolphin users and data recovery engineers worldwide, Western Digital hard drive data recovery cases are mostly associated with the dynamic secondary translator-module 190.

Module 190 corruption can be caused by unstable faulty hard drive status: many bad sectors, weak heads, wrong operations by users, etc.

Whenever users get one WD SMR HDD data recovery case, users need to diagnose the patient hdd correctly to find out if it is firmware issue or physical issue, if physical issue, users need to swap heads first or take other measures to fix the physical issue and then users need to manage to remove the MCU lock.

After removing the MCU lock, users need to follow Dolphin special WD SMR hdd recovery instructions to backup the module 190 (even if the module 190 has many read errors, users need to be patient with module reading) and sometimes, users can select to read valid data only from the module 190 and this can avoid many read errors but this may cause some data loss sometimes.

After the module 190 backup, users need to diagnose the module 190 and try to repair the module 190 corruption. Dolphin Data Lab has released one auto repair solution for the corrupted module 190. Users can check the video demo here to find out how the module 190 auto repair works:

Above new WD SMR hdd firmware repair solution helps users a lot to enhance the efficiency and success rate. Users can download it from the Dolphin user-only forum.

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Tesla Dashcam catches the car crash footage, record an accident and in many digital forensic data recovery cases, users need to view and recover the deleted, formatted dashcam videos.

How to recover Lost Dashcam video footage on a Tesla car?
How to retrieve my Tesla Dashcam videos?
How to retrieve deleted Tesla Dashcam footage?
How to view deleted Tesla Dashcam footage/videos?
How to recover Tesla Dashcam footage/crime Scene?
How to access Tesla camera footages?

If users have one of above questions, users can try Dolphin DVR latest data recovery software V3.75 and it’s easy for users to recover lost deleted videos by the following steps:

1, Connect the Tesla video storage device or image the device to a file or VHD;
2, Select the video recorder brand-Telsa;
3, Select Deep Analysis and the program will start to automatically analyze the fragmented video files, reorganize and carve the files.

If users wish to recover Tesla dashcam videos, users can order Dolphin DVR data recovery software here.

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Dolphin Data Lab has further enhanced the fragmented video files recognition and carving technologies and all Dolphin users are able to get lost videos back from different digital DVR, NVR, HVR devices, digital cameras, video recorders, etc, besides, users can repair the damaged videos at high success rate Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has worked out new version 3.74 of Dolphin CCTV DVR data recovery software and it’s now available within the user-only forum and Dolphin DVR download center.

What’s new in Dolphin DVR V3.74?

1.Added Canon EOS R5 C for digital camera video recovery;
2.Added Panasonic DC-S5M2 digital camera video recovery;
3.Added Nikon D3100 digital camera video recovery;
4.Added OLYMPUS D4220 digital camera video recovery;
5.Added XiaoMi MP4 DVR video recovery;
6.Added Sony ILCE-6300 digital camera video recovery;
7.Interface improvement to be more friendly.

To find more details about Dolphin DVR Business Version here.

To try this latest CCTV DVR data recovery software for free here before purchase.

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Dolphin Data Lab has upgraded DFL-DDP data recovery software again and added one new data recovery solution for WD SMR hard drives-Read by Tech. Mode.

Remember, the most important thing for WD SMR hard drive data recovery is to backup the module 190 securely, Dolphin engineers have mentioned this tip many times for users in forum and manuals, users can find the WD SMR hdd data recovery case studies here to get more tips.

For WD SMR hard drives, there’re four data image modes:

Image by LBA(Standard mode and this is fast)
Image by PBA or CHS, not used often,usually for cases with all 0000 and the module 190 is damaged and cannot be repaired, success rate is low and can recover some small-sized files;
Image by Tech. Mode(new):this mode is specially for WD unstable faulty SMR hard drives with bad sectors, weak heads or head swap. This mode is to image according to the WD HDD factory/tech. commands and the data area will be imaged more smoothly.

Here is one video to show the WD SMR hard drive data recovery tips including the latest data recovery solution:

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