This is one successful Western Digital hard drive data recovery case study shared by one DFL user in India. The patient drive had head failure, kept busy and had no access to data area at all.

Patient HDD ID:

PCB: 1640 series

To recover lost data from head damaged hard drives, the very first step is to find one donor hdd with donor heads, users usually check the model and pcb number and sometimes, the DCM is to be checked as well.

After finding the donor hdd, users need to open the patient drive in clean room environment and swap the heads.

Next users need to enter the DFL WD hdd firmware repair software and backup the rom and important firmware modules including the 03, loaders, 31, 36, 40, 49, 4A.

Next users can test the firmware modules and find out which modules are damaged and then repair the damaged firmware modules. In most wd traditional hard drives, we need to run the slow fix.

Next we can use DFL-DDP data recovery software to set up disk image project, set up head map, image good heads and then weak heads.

Finally we can extract lost data from the image file or target drive.

Head Replacement Tools, HDD Repair Tools, Data Recovery Equipment required in above case study:

Hard Drive Ramp Toolkit Pro.
DFL-WD hdd firmware repair tool
DFL-DDP Data recovery tool

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Case study name: WD20JDRW-11C7VS0 810082 USB undetected hdd firmware repair and data recovery steps

Patient HDD ID

Model number-WD20JDRW-11C7VS0
Capacity: 2TB
PCB: 2060-810082

Failure symptoms:

Undetected, spin up and down, data area was not accessed

HDD Firmware repair tools and data recovery tools required:

DFL-WD HDD firmware repair tool
DFL-DDP data recovery equipment

HDD firmware repair and data recovery steps:

01: Convert the USB PCB to SATA interface;
02: Backup the original rom and disable 411;
03: Backup important firmware modules, specially module 190;
04: Use the latest DFL-DDP to repair the module 190 to get one new T2data file;
05:  …
06: After above step, the patient hdd was detected properly and the spin up and down issue was fixed as well;
07: Enter DFL-DDP data recovery software and set up one new disk image project;
08: Set T2data auto loading to RAM;
09; Refresh data area and the data area was accessible.

Full case study is available within the Dolphin user-only forum here

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I would like a price quote on each of the tools below. My manager has a PayPal account, so if I get approval we would be using PayPal.

I see you have a recharge account for the DFL PCIe but I am interested in getting the unlimited version.

DFL PCIe unlimited version

DFL-SRP All-In-One USB3.0 Data Recovery Equipment

This is one client from Canada who wishes to grow their data recovery capabilities by adding new data recovery equipment to their data recovery labs.

Either DFL-PCIe data recovery express or DFL SRP USB3.0 data recovery equipment has many latest data recovery solutions and technologies for fixing new data loss failures of new hard drives, the following are some example solutions:

01: Seagate Rosewood HDD head map editing in ROM;
02: Repair Seagate hdd with weak heads without head map;
03: Seagate rosewood hdd partial sector access auto repair solution;
04: Many one-click solutions for common Seagate hdd failures;
05: Western Digital new drive weak head repair solution;
06: WD SMR HDD 190 auto repair and expert repair;
07: WD SMR HDD 190 auto loading to RAM;
08: WD SMR HDD easy firmware unlock on original PCB;
09: New solution to fix WD SMR Slow HDDs;
10: Hitachi partial sector access auto repair;
11: Many more, etc…

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Is it possible to recover a WD 4TB Spyglass2 if the customer formatted the drive? It is showing all zeros.

If users have DFL-WD hdd firmware repair tool and DFL-DDP data recovery equipment, it is possible to get the lost data back from one WD 4TB Spyglass2 formatted HDD.

Users can follow the steps below:

1, Unlock SA on original USB PCB by DFL-WD;
2, Disable 411 and backup module 190;
3, Repair module 190;
4, Load 190 to ram auto to access data area to fix the all zeros issue.

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After Dolphin Data Lab released the latest G3 WD SMR HDD USB to SATA data recovery adapter and its software, it becomes easier and easier for Dolphin users to recover lost data from WD SMR USB hard drives.

Helpful videos to learn more about the G3 WD SMR USB HDD adapters and its software:

Video 01: How to Install G3 WD USB to SATA Data Recovery Adapter 
Video 02: How to Image Extract Lost Data From WD USB HDDS Faster and More Stably
Video 03: Latest data recovery assistant software for WD SMR USB HDDs

To recover lost data more easily from WD SMR USB hdds, users can try the following steps:

01: Connect G3 adapter to WD SMR USB hdds by USB type c cable;
02: Click connect device and Read ROM directly by G3 adapter software;
03: Generate unlock rom by DFL-WD hdd firmware repair software;
04: Click ‘Block 411 Write’ , select the generated unlock rom and write rom by G3 adapter software;
05: Close ROM operations by G3 adapter software and go to DFL-WD hdd repair software;
06: Lock UA writing, backup important firmware modules, specially module 190;
07: Test firmware modules and repair;
08: Open DFL-DDP data recovery software for disk image or file extraction, load 190 to ram auto if there’s all sectors 0000 issue.

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