Within the software interface of DFL-WDII hdd firmware repair tool, users are able to select Format With G-list, Format With P-list, Format with G-list and P-list, Format without G-list and P-list. After users select the format option, the hard drives will regenerate the translator in the beginning of the formatting procedure and next is to format the hdd platters according to the translator tables. Read more

Whether for those who are new in hdd repair or for those who are already in data recovery field, hdd repair and data recovery knowledge, experience and some useful techniques and tips are very important in saving customers’ time and helping with a higher success rate in their hdd repair or data recovery cases.

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We really appreciate the permission from the client who allows us to publish this letter and share how happy he is using our DFL-WDII hdd firmware repair tool. This is really our valuable wealth and motivation to keep up all our hard efforts in our regular upgrade and professional technique support.

Thank you again to Paul from the USA! Read more

Customers worldwide have used DFL-DE data recovery tool for almost one month since it’s released early September and it’s our honor Dolphin Data Lab has gained customers’ support by submitting new features request and some bugs there might be when using this tool. Read more

Dear Customers,

Here at Dolphin Data Lab is to celebrate the Chinese Middle-Autumn Day and National Day Holiday which start from September 30-October 7th. Read more

DFL-DE offers the users with many useful options to get lost data back in a shortest time with positive result:

Full disk image, Partition image, Selective head image, Data-only image, Direct file recovery, automatic hdd repair for different hdd failures.

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