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Hola, estoy interesado en conocer el precio del equipo de recuperacion de datos DFL-SRP All-In-One USB3.0 con todos sus modulos y si hay alguna via para poder enviarlo a Cuba, sin mas. Argel Montoya Revilla

This is one new client from Philippines who wants to buy HDD Data Recovery Tool for data recovery from Dolphin Data Lab.



This is Erwin of Ocean Adventure, Purchasing Department. Please send quotation :

HDD Data Recovery Tool for DATA recovery. ( used to disassemble Hard Disk Drive both 2.5 and 3.5 form factor)
Please include shipping/delivery fee. Thanks.

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This is one request from Vietnam clients for Dolphin data recovery products’ specification and price quote.


“Dear Sirs,

I am Mr.Hung from Thienminh located in Hanoi, Vietnam
Currently, our company has demand for Hardware recovery and extract data devices to supply our customers as Police/Defense offices for security and criminal investigation purposes.

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Dolphin team have many happy users in Australia and this is another client from Australia who wants to buy DFL-SRP USB3.0 data recovery equipment.



I am based in Sydney, Australia and would like to know how much it costs to purchase this hardware including shipping?

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This is one new client from Malaysia who wishes to buy DFL-DDP data recovery equipment from Dolphin Data Lab.

“Dear Sir :

My name is Cheng from Malaysia.

With the subject refer, can you quote me what is your price for the DFL-DDP Data Recovery Equipment (USB 3.0) ?

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This is one new client from Brazil who wants to buy Dolphin DFL data recovery hardware tools.

“Good morning dear

i wanna know please, What’s the cost to buy all your products to recover all types of hdd, ssd memory cards and others and how about the trainning and shipping to Brazil ?

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This is one client from Bangladesh who wishes to buy data recovery tools for mobile hard drives.

Dolphin Data Lab has reseller in Bangladesh and users from Bangladesh can buy data recovery tools from the reseller.

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This is one returning client of Dolphin Data Lab from Japan. This is one happy user of Dolphin data recovery tools.


This is Hitoshi again, I already purchased WD-II, DDPx2. This time I plan to purchase seagate fimware tool( DFL-SRP Seagate Firmware Repair Tool).

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This is one new client from Indonesia who wants to buy cheapest data recovery tools.

“Dear DDL,
I am from Indonesia, need quotation/pricelist of this set:

>For one-person company, small companies who want to start a professional data recovery business but have limited budget, users are suggested to buy the following data recovery tools:

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This is another new client from south africa who wants to buy head replacement toolkits from Dolphin Data Lab.


I am interested in buying a head replacement kit for Seagate 2TB 4 to 6 plater drive.

Can you give me a quote?

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