Many users worldwide get connected to Dolphin Data Lab.

Dolphin team offers data recovery tools and solutions to not only data recovery companies worldwide but also enterprises, law enforcement agencies, military data centers, etc.

The following is one client and partner in Spain who wishes to buy DFL-SRP data recovery equipment for one Spanish police dept.

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More and more African IT engineers and data recovery engineers are selecting Dolphin Data Lab as their best supplier and partner for starting and running their data recovery business.

We sincerely deliver super thanks to all African IT and data recovery engineers for your great support and trust in Dolphin Data Lab.

“Hi team,

I am from Tanzania (east)Me and my friend we are expect to do data recovery services in to our country.

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Dear sir/ma.

I believe this mail meets you well

I went through your web site to make enquires on how you run your trainings.

I’m a young engineer in Nigeria that is trying to start up data recovery business.

I will want to know how much it will cost to run a comprehensive program on data recovery, the numbers of days involved and where your company is located.

I will deeply appreciate if this mail is treated with quick response.

John Segun

This is one returning DFL user from England who requests to upgrade their existing DFL-SRP USB3.0 tool to DFL-SRP USB3.0 all in one data recovery equipment.


“Hi There, I currently have DFL ST-II and DFL-SRP with WD

I want to add Hitachi/IBM and Toshiba/ Fujitsu to the DFL-SRP and would like a quote for just these two additions but would like you to also quote for a complete upgrade to all in one package.

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This is one returning client from Dominica who wants to buy again WD HDD Unlock PCBs to access the patient HDD firmware area and ROM and then repair damaged firmware modules.

The unlock PCBs are a must for the MCU locked hard drives and their PCB numbers are 2060-800069, 800068, 800066, 800065, 800067, 800077, 810011, etc.

Message from the Dominica client:

“Hi again, this time I want to buy this package
But as I buy last time this WD 2060-800066 2060-800069 Data Recovery PCB I dont need itCould you please let me know how mutch you can sell me this offert without this PCB?

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WD My Passport Ultra hdd data recovery case is very common case in all data recovery labs. This new client is from Saudi Arabia and wish to get his patient hdd recovered.


Varghese Mathew here, from Saudi Arabia, may i know any service centre here for data recovery from my wd external hard disk. (sent me the contact details & location map)

recently i made a unknown permission settings in the hard disk, then after i reconnected the hard disk but its working fine……but after next day  its not detecting…….also this is a wd security password locked. “

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Dolphin team have helped many IT engineers from Africa to establish their professional data recovery labs and run their data recovery business successfully.

This new client from Zimbabwe wants to buy DFL data recovery tools to start a data recovery business.

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Dolphin Data Lab has one exclusive reseller in Turkey and if users want to buy DFL data recovery tools and solutions, users can buy from the following company:

DIFOSE (Turkey)

Addr.:Umit Mah. 2481. Sok. Kafkas Sitesi No:606810 Cankaya, Ankara, TURKEY
Contact: Sukru DURMAZ
Tel.: 90 312 219 56 16

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This is one new client in Mexico who is interested in DFL-SRP USB3.0 data recovery equipment. Dolphin Data Lab has one reseller in Mexico and users can buy DFL data recovery tools from Dolphin Mexico client below.

Users can find all Dolphin resellers here:

“Hello, I am interested in DFL-SRP All-In-One USB3.0 Data Recovery Equipment and want to know the price and what are the differences between the other devices you are offering. Also, if this could help by recovering data from a Apple format HD like: Mac OS Extended”

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This is one new client from Spain who wants to buy hard drive head and platter swap tools and one very helpful HDD COM terminal cable suite from Dolphin Data Lab.


“Good morning

We are distributor electronic components. We need to know PRICE and DELIVERY time, as well as, all the cost it could be, including the transport cost for:

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