Dolphin DVR Price Will Change from USD899 to USD969 After Feb.7 2022

Dolphin team keep working hard to upgrade Dolphin DVR Pro. to make it the best but most cost-effective video data recovery software for CCTV, DVR, NVR, HVR, digital cameras, video recorders, etc.

Dolphin DVR Pro. has already 4 software modules integrated:

01: CCTV DVR Video Recovery Software;
02: Digital Camera Video Recovery Software;
03: Video Recorder Video Recovery Software;
04: Video Repair Software.

With the same price, users may get only one of above 4 similar software modules from other suppliers.

Any of above video recovery software or video repair software can help users get higher success rate and efficiency because users get many unique video recovery and repair solutions. When you don’t know which tool to get to recover your lost videos, when you cannot find your wanted videos with your existing recovery software, when your recovered videos cannot be played, Dolphin DVR Pro. is now your best choice!

Dolphin DVR Pro. can be used by common data recovery engineers, can also be used by digital forensic recovery engineers, it has write blocker design, log generation and output, online checksum of MD5, SHA1 and CRC. SHA1 and CRC checksum will be available in the coming software upgrade.

Besides above big advantages, Dolphin team invested a lot on the latest video recovery and repair technologies and therefore, after Feb.7 2022, the price of Dolphin DVR Pro. will be increased from USD899 to USD969.

Dolphin DVR Pro. works with one USB hardware dongle and users can install the software on any windows 64-bit operating system. All users can use it well by following Dolphin video recovery case studies.

Users can download Dolphin DVR Pro. Trial version here and learn more about Dolphin DVR Pro. unique features here.

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