Dolphin Is Releasing Raid Recovery Addon To SRP or DRE-4x

In order to enable greater success for all Dolphin users, Dolphin team has worked out its own Raid recovery utility and users can use it with the current DFL series data recovery tools including the SRP all in one and our new PCIe-4x data recovery equipment.

For existing users of above tools, it’s very easy to get the raid recovery utility for free, all they need to do is to submit one successful case study to us by using Dolphin tools and Dolphin team will add the utility for free for them.

For new Dolphin users buying Dolphin data recovery tools within Dolphin Christmas promotion season, they get the Dolphin raid recovery utility for free as Christmas gift.


Dolphin DFL-Raid recovery utility offers smart analysis and auto raid reconstruction. The raid analysis have two modes, one is based on NTFS file system and the other analysis is based on mathematical model. DFL raid recovery utility first version focus on the most common Raid 0 and Raid 5 and in the future versions, Dolphin team will add more raid types to be supported. Compared with other raid recovery tools, DFL Raid recovery utility offers faster analysis and more accurate analysis.

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