Fix WD20EARS full of !!!! by MHDD


WD20EARS full of !!!! by MHDD
Scan the hdd by MHDD and it’s full of !!! and it seems there’re bad sectors in the SA, how to recover the data? Any ideas are welcome and appreciated.

This is usually caused by a single head damage, you can consider use head map editing in RAM or perform hot swap to extract all the possible data, if you need all data, you may need to swap the heads.

If the hard drive is detected, you can use selective head image of DFL-DE or DFL-DDP;
if the hdd is not detected, you can manage to read the tracks and write the tracks to one donor hdd and then do hot swap;
if the tracks couldn’t be read, the last option is to swap the heads.

Sometimes, some key firmware modules’ damage will cause familiar symptoms like the module 31 damage, module 32 damage, moodule 49, 4A damage, etc.