Seagate HDD ST3500312CS Data Recovery Steps by DFL-Seagate HDD Repair Tool


This is one successful Seagate ST3500312CS hard drive data recovery case study for one DFL user in Indonesia.

Patient HDD ID:
Model number: ST3500312CS
Family: 40 Hepburn
Firmware: CA12

Seagate ST3500312CS Failure Symptoms:
LED error in the Com terminal.

Data Recovery Solution to the Seagate ST3500312CS Patient HDD:

Dolphin engineer taught the user how to short connect the PCB to enter F3 T>;
Backup ROM and important SYS files;
Confirm the entries in NGlist and clear Glist;
Regenerate translator and edit HDD ID with proper settings;
Refresh the firmware
Open DFL-DDP data recovery program, enter file extraction window, all lost data was recovered.

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