ST3000VN000-1HJ166 HDD Data Recovery Steps


This is one Seagate patient HDD from one Indian user. This patient HDD was brought to the DFL user from another data recovery company with other data recovery tools who have failed to recover the lost data.

Patient HDD ID:
Model number: ST3000VN000-1HJ166
Family: 59
Family name: Bacall

Diagnositic Port Locked
Data area is not accessible

ST3000VN000-1HJ166 HDD Data Recovery Steps below:

1, When this patient was connected to DFL-SRP Seagate HDD repair tool, the ROM was unlock ROM from other tool and there’s no original ROM saved and therefore, Dolphin engineer managed to restore the original ROM from the unlock ROM;
2, Generate unlock ROM and write unlock ROM by DFL Seagate firmware repair tool;
3, Power off and on and send unlock key;
4, Backup important SYS modules;
5, Clear Glist and regenerate translator;
6, Initialized by ID with proper settings;
7, Power off and on and enter DFL-DDP data recovery program;
8,Set up new image task with full access to data area.

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