How to Repair and Recover Seagate ST1500LM012-1R817G Full Disk Bad Sectors


This is one successful Seagate hdd firmware repair and data recovery case study for one DFL user in India.

HDD model number: ST1500LM012-1R817G; SN number: WDZ6KGYA Family: Rosewood A5
Firmware version: SBK2

Failure symptoms: Full disk red blocks/bad sectors/Data area is fully locked
To recover the lost data, users need to repair the firmware failure first and then image the patient HDD for the best success rate.

HDD firmware repair tool needed: DFL-SRP USB3.0 or DFL PCIe for Seagate HDD Repair Tool
Data recovery equipment needed:   DFL-DDP data recovery tool

The following is the video guide for the whole hdd repair and data recovery process:

Seagate ST1500LM012 1R817G HDD Recovery Steps:

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