Start a Professional Data Recovery Business in Pakistan



Tahseen here from Pakistan, I am doing data recovery business (logical issues like bad sector, partition recovery, etc). But now i want to start at advance level. So i need your guidance on following cases.
1- Data recovery from physical demage drives
2- Data recovery from SSD Drives.

3- Data recovery from usb Drives
4- Data recovery from mobiles android or iphone.
6- any other issues regarding data recovery.
So can you guide me for where i start. To purchase equipment or get training first? Please guide me in this regard with cost.
Waiting for your reply.
Thanks in advance.”
This is one common data recovery enquiry from Pakistan who wishes to start a professional data recovery business, grow their logical data recovery business to firmware and physical level data recovery business.
Dolphin DFL data recovery tools focus on logical, firmware and physical level data recovery of SATA, IDE and USB hard drives.

For USB flash drives, logical recovery and bad sector recovery are supported;

For SSD drives, 2258XT common firmware repair is supported, logical recovery is supported, and soon NVme SSD recovery equipment is available soon.

For mobile recovery, users just need to buy some mobile phone recovery software for either Android or ios.
Dolphin DFL data recovery tools are very easy to use with detailed user manuals and many free training documents and videos, users can buy Dolphin data recovery tools and use them for some time. After, users will get many questions to use the tools and then users can attend Dolphin advanced data recovery training courses with questions. This way, users can make best use of the training course and become one skilled data recovery engineer.
Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID: