ST2000LM009 Wrong Data Firmware Repair and Data Recovery


This is one successful Seagate HDD data recovery case study from one DFL user in India.

Patient HDD failure symptoms:

Capacity 0/wrongly detected;
Partial sector access;
Wrong data area/undetected data

Patient HDD iD:

Model number: ST2000LM009-1R9174
Firmware version: SED1
Capacity: 3907029168 (2T)

Seagate HDD Firmware and Data Recovery Steps:

01, Enter DFL Seagate HDD firmware repair software;
02, Backup ROM;
03, Generate unlock ROM;
04, Write unlock ROM;
05, Power off and on and send unlock key;
06, Backup nglist, translator, primary defect lists and SYS348, SYS93;
07, Fix media cache by Initialize by ID;
08, Clear glist and regenerate translator;
09, Fix partial sector access issue;
10, Fix wrong data issue.

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