Dolphin Data Lab has further upgraded its advanced Seagate firmware repair and password removal tool and now the new version has quickly changed from V.14 to V1.41.

Within the new version 1.41, we have the following changes:

2, SYS read/write by COM/ATA;
3, More F3 common firmware resources are integrated; Read more

Dolphin Data Lab feels proud to announce that our DFL-FRP for Seagate has had a major upgrade with many more new firmware repair functions to V1.4.

New functions added again on April 18:

01: LBA-CHS, it’s easy for users to find out the head locations of bad sectors like DFL-WD;
02: SYS file read/write by ATA ports are added

Let’s have a preview of the DFL-ST new functions: Read more

Seagate is one of the biggest hard drive manufacturers besides western digital and seagate hard drive repair and seagate data recovery cases are very common within all our data recovery labs. This article will introduce to you the basic and important firmware modules of Seagate hard drive.

There’re two parts of firmware located on the platters’ minus tracks and ROM chip on the PCB, we call the part on the platter SA-service area or FW(firmware area).

A complete Seagate hard drive firmware contains  APP, Cert, Cert table, ATA(7200.10 and .9 contains ATA 0 and ATA 1) and vendor modules and ROM module. Read more

We have handled many WD PCB1692 series 2.5″ hard drives with some tips entering the safe mode.

For 2.5″ PCB1692 or series after, it’s not a problem to read ROM when the hard drives are recognized. But it’s a problem when we tried to write ROM and it’s quite often to make the PCB dead by writing ROM to it.

The success rate is not high to enter safe mode by short connecting on 1692 series. The best way to enter safe mode for 1692 series is to separate the PCB, anyway, pls don’t remove the PCB.

Users just need to remove the two screws on the PCB to control the heads contact and insert one biz card and then power on and wait until the motor stops spinning and then the hdd enters kernel mode and next the ROM can be read and written.This also helps to read firmware modules for some hard drives with bad heads. Read more

For WD PCB1698 series, it’s one difficult data recovery job if the hard drive is not detected or keeps busy. So far it’s almost not possible for any other firmware repair tools to repair this kind of drive and get lost data back.

Situation becomes worse if these kind of PCB1698 hard drives don’t have the cache loader-module 13 and if the module dir is missing or damaged without backup, no other tools except DFL-WDII can repair such kind of hdd failure and recover the data.

Here in this article let’s discuss how to repair undetected or un-ready WD PCB1698 hard drives with DFL-WD II hdd repair tool.

Option 1: Users can use the universal loader-module 11 and ROM offered by Dolphin Data Lab deal with the patient hard drives.

With the offered loader and ROM: If the hdd can reach readiness, users can access the hdd, load the module 11 and then the program will automatically detect the dir module and give users to import one dir module or the DFL program will search it from the tracks users assign. Read more

DFL-WDII hdd repair tool is one advanced firmware repair and password removal tool for Western digital hard drives. It can be used for either hdd repair and data recovery purpose and therefore it’s very important and necessary for clients to learn how to analyze the hdd failures and what functions to select to use with the hdd for desired purposes.

This article is to discuss the bad sector repair options DFL-WDII has offered to its users for a higher success rate of hdd repair or data recovery. Read more

We really appreciate the permission from the client who allows us to publish this letter and share how happy he is using our DFL-WDII hdd firmware repair tool. This is really our valuable wealth and motivation to keep up all our hard efforts in our regular upgrade and professional technique support.

Thank you again to Paul from the USA! Read more

DFL-WDII hdd firmware repair tool is one advanced hard drive firmware repair tool and password removal equipment for Western Digital hard drives.

This hdd repair tool is able to help in most WD  hdd repair cases and experienced users can use it very happily and efficiently for higher success rate than with other similar WD hdd repair tools. Read more

WD HDD Directory Module editing is one very important hdd firmware repair feature and one new hdd repair function of DFL-WDII which has helped many data recovery engineers restore and recover the lost data from damaged WD hdd drives. Read more