This is one remote support case for one Indian client on a Seagate F3 drive. When the case started, the drive is busy and not detected. After Ctrl+z to enter the terminal mode, the F3 T> came up and all M commands don’t work but V40, V4 etc could be executed successfully.

The next step was very important, the engineer asked the client what happened to the drive and what the client has done to the patient drive. The engineer learned the client had done something on the P-list which was the real reason causing the failure of the hdd. Read more

Dolphin team are now teaching people how to recognize different families of Hitachi IBM hard drives.

Old Hitachi IBM Hard Drives.

Desktop Hard Drives:

HDx7250VLAT; HDx7250GL; HDx7210SL; HDx7225VLAT; HDx7216PL;
PLAT Read more

Some Idea To Fix Hitachi NVRAM Failure Of ARM Series

Until so far, there’s still no firmware repair tool or data recovery equipment which can fix the NVRAM failure for Hitachi ARM series.

For Hitachi ARM series and even some other Hitachi families, they used NVAM chip with model of 25U406C and this chip is usually a little wider and thicker than common chips. This chip may be damaged due to the following issues: Read more

Most errors in Seagate F3 hard drives can be easily fixed by SYS editing or clearing. DFL-FRP for Seagate is able to read/write/edit SYS files by ATA and COM ports and also by commands in terminal. The following was some solution by one Chinese user.

Error messages:

Rst 0x10M
RW subfile error 2044
RW subfile error 2044
SIM Error 2044
No HOST FIS-ReadyStatusFlags 2002A1A5 Read more

This is one real case study on how to recover lost data from Western Digital USB3.0 hard drives whose PCB number belongs to 1961 series.

HDD ID: 2.5” USB3.0 Hard Drive
Family-Null; Model: WDC WD20NMVW-11AV3S2; Capacity: 2TB
PCB: 1961

The engineer changed the 1961 USB PCB to 1933 SATA PCB and moved the ROM chip-U12 to the SATA PCB as well. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has again upgraded its Seagate Firmware Repair hardware tool-DFL-FRP for ST and the latest version is V1.43.

We have added many new Seagate hard drive firmware repair functions and optimized some existing functions so that users will enhance their success rate a lot.

Quick view of the latest changes within this new version:

1, New function of entering booting code to read/write ROM without short connection is added by COM port. This function is very helpful to save time and enhance success rate of Seagate firmware repair when the ROM write is required; Read more

Dolphin Data Lab keeps working out new functions for all our firmware repair and data recovery tools and today we are releasing this new version of setup program for our Western Digital hard drive firmware repair and password removal tool.

The latest version of WD firmware repair tool:

DFL-FRP for WD V2.61 and DFL-WDII V2.61 Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has integrated more fast solutions to repair Seagate F3 hard drives easily and fast by simple clicks and the following is one of the live cases offered by one of our users in Australia who has got great success with dolphin data recovery tools.

Terminal messages of this Seagate F3 drive:

Rst 0x40M

MC Internal LPC Process Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has invited some experienced users to test our new version of our western digital hard drive firmware repair tools including both the DFL-FRP for WD hardware and DFL-WDII hardware.

Now the new version of V2.59 is available for all our users to get for free from our user-only forum. Read more

Seagate hard drive P-list is one of the most important modules for either Seagate hard drive refurbishing and data recovery. Before users get one Seagate patient hard drive, it’s very important for users to backup the original P-list.

The P-list is actually the module 03 and it’s also contained and can be obtained from the tracks and it has its corresponding system file as well.

To open the P-list successfully, users need to work with the right data offset. Read more