Dolphin Data Lab has created one new Seagate hdd firmware repair function specially for fixing Seagate faulty hard drives with LED status.

For Seagate patient hard drives, users cannot enter F3 T> and cannot do anything further to repair the corrupted firmware modules if the hdd suffers LED failure. It is something like the bluescreen of the computers.

To fix the Seagate LED HDD, there’re several methods:

01: Short connect;
02: Hot swap;
03: Boot ROM write+Loader

Now we create the 4th new and easier method: Disable Subsystem of the SA and this is something like the ‘disable 411’ within WD hard drive firmware repair software, very easy to use and very helpful in many Seagate LED cases.

Users can open DFL Seagate HDD repair tool, enter the software, select ROM Operations>ROM Edit>Disable Subsystem

Next users just need to write new rom to HDD and then users can bypass the LED status, go to COM terminal and enter F3 T>, finally users need to write back the original rom after firmware repair.

Next users can open DFL-DDP data recovery software and get all the lost data back easily.

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This is one successful case study of Western Digital Palmer HDD with PCB number 800069 for one DFL user in Italy.

Patient HDD ID:
PCB: 800069

Patient HDD Failure Symptoms:
Data area was not accessed

WD SMR Palmer HDD Repair and Data Recovery Steps:

01: The user has swapped with one firmware unlock PCB of 800066 and the patient HDD was connected to DFL-SRP data recovery hardware;
02: Enter Kernel mode, backup rom, disable 411;
03: Firmware restart and re-enter program;
04: Backup firmware module 190;
05: Test firmware modules and found module 03 was damaged, checksum error;
06: Repaired module 190 and fixed the 03 corruption issue;
07: Enable 411 and firmware restart;
08: Install original 800069 USB PCB back and connected the external HDD to DFL-URE;
08: Load module 190/T2data to RAM within the data recovery software.

HDD Repair Tools and Data Recovery Tools used in this case study:

DFL-WD hdd repair tool
DFL-URE data recovery software

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Hi, I run a pc recycle & reuse pcs for businesses, and resell ’em. In cases where I receive SAS drives, including servers, I am unable to data wipe the sas drives, for I don’t have servers (w/SAS intereface) set up with Windows. I data wipe my SATA drives in Windows 10, or Windows 7. But I lose the capacity, e.g., server workstation with sas interface, to read SAS drives w/out setting up a Dell Server (which I don’t want to do). So my question is:
A) Can the Sata to SAS adapter interface work without the Data Recovery Tool, to be read in Windows 10 or 7 (on a pc workstation)? B) Secondly, if so (can it be read), can I do the DATA wiping, without corrupting the sectors, once wiped? C) If the DATA recovery tool is needed to both read & recover (with the adapter in an effort to data wipe), can data wipe be done in Windows 10/7?

I never offered data recovery before, because of the investment in time and money, but will consider it. I am more interested in data wiping, since once I received hardware (e.g., Servers, PCS, Workstations), I consequently have to address & guarantee data privacy and security associated with the hard drives (SAS or otherwise) in order to salvage the drives. Thanks

This is one Western Digital hard drive firmware repair and data recovery case study for one DFL user in Malaysia.

Patient HDD iD:
PCB: 1672
Microcode: 14003R

Patient HDD Failure Symptoms:
Modules were not available

HDD Repair and Data Recovery Tools used in this case study:
DFL-WD HDD Repair Tool
DFL-DDP Data Recovery Tool

HDD Repair and Data Recovery Steps:

01: Backup ROM and disable 02 and firmware restart;
02: Diagnosed the firmware modules and found out the microcode of the ROM and SA area was different and that meant the PCB was not original, the rom microcode was 14003R and the SA microcode was 140028;
03: Next Dolphin engineer found loaders of 14003R and loaded them to RAM automatically;
04: Backup original firmware modules and rom modules;
05: Fix slow issue;
06: Regenerate original ROM and write original ROM;
07: Open DFL-DDP data recovery software and all lost data was recovered.

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Dolphin Data Lab are offering the following SSD data recovery tools & adapters:

DFL-URE NVME Version: Image NVME SSDs, Extract Lost Data directly from NVME SSDs. This tool can also image and recover USB flash drives and USB portable external hard drives directly. Firmware repair is not available at the moment but will be soon.

LIF SSD Data Recovery Adapter: Image and recover LIF SSDs

MacBook Pro A1708 PCIe SSD Recovery Adapter Smart


Surface Pro Data Drive Recovery Adapter Smart

Visit the factory of data recovery tools and head replacement tools to see all details here

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“My name is David, and I take part of the technical data recovery area of an IT company located in Madrid.

As our main focus is set on hard drives, hybrid SSHD, SSD, flash… lately we´ve seen the Nvme drives presence in Spanish market is growing bigger.

As we saw your announcement DFL URE Plus-NVme Data Recovery Equipment – Dolphin Data Lab, I´d like to ask about price, remote support, brands and models supported. On the other hand when do you plan to launch the Nvme firmware feature? We´ve read “NVME SSDs, firmware repair is not available right now but will be available as one premium software addon, users can buy NVme SSD firmware repair module when available.” in your webpage.

Thanks in advance!”

Above is one new client from Spain asking for NVME SSD data recovery tools from Dolphin Data Lab. DFL URE Plus-NVme Data Recovery Equipment is now used for bad sector disk imaging, file extraction for NVME SSDs, for firmware repair, Dolphin R&D center is still working on it and will release the firmware repair module in the near future.

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