DFL-DE offers the users with many useful options to get lost data back in a shortest time with positive result:

Full disk image, Partition image, Selective head image, Data-only image, Direct file recovery, automatic hdd repair for different hdd failures.

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DFL-WDII hdd firmware repair tool is one advanced hard drive firmware repair tool and password removal equipment for Western Digital hard drives.

This hdd repair tool is able to help in most WD  hdd repair cases and experienced users can use it very happily and efficiently for higher success rate than with other similar WD hdd repair tools. Read more

DFL-DE data recovery tool has been integrated many automatic hdd repair solutions for Seagate, Samsung and WD hard drives. With these solutions, DFL-DE can fix many severe damaged hard drives while other tools cannot do.

Download A Brazilian Portuguese Version Of The Following Demo and Manual

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DFL-DE data recovery tool has been released for over two weeks and within this two weeks, it has won  a lot of interests and orders from customers worldwide.

According to customers’ feedback and suggestions, we have written one DFL-DE FAQ document with questions and problems when DFL-DE is used. We have uploaded the FAQ document into our DFL-DE user-only forum and users can login and download it. Read more

DFL-WDII hdd firmware repair tool and DFL-DE data recovery tool are both newly released in this year. Although they are new to the data recovery market, they’ve defeated many other hdd repair tools and data recovery equipment and they’ve won attentions and popularity within many data recovery experts worldwide and those who are new to data recovery or who grow a data recovery business, intend to enhance their data recovery efficiency and success rate. Read more

Selective head image is one of the core imaging features of DFL-DE disk imaging module which contains full disk imaging, partition imaging, data-only imaging, sector-by-sector imaging, forward imaging, reverse imaging and fully controlled imaging.

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