Many people are talking about P-list damage or talk about SA damage and believe if either one of them is damaged, the data is gone. This is not true at all. Data Recovery is always possible when the p-list is damaged or when there’re SA damage.

We must be clear about one fact: SA area and user area(data area) are two different areas, they act very similarly like system partition and other partitions. For example, if the partition C is system partition and partition D, E, F contains the data users put. Now partition C-the system partition is damaged, the data is still in Partition D, E and F. Read more

DFL-WD II hdd repair tool is so far the most powerful WD firmware repair  and password removal tool with the most comprehensive  functions and technologies to get one WD HDD ready and recognized for hdd repair and data recovery purpose.

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DFl-WD II is one advanced WD hdd firmware repair tool and it offers comprehensive and convenient technologies for engineers to diagnose the hard drives and find a right and quick solution to repair and recover the hdds.

Here let’s discuss some typical and common symptoms and failures of HDD and then combine the unique solutions our tools have for diagnosing and fixing the failures. Read more

On October 27, 2012, China Standard time, DFL held the online data recovery meeting with data recovery engineers worldwide and this meeting proved with a big success with 25 attendees from countries worldwide including USA, France, Brazil, Dominica, Pakistan, Australia, India, Vietnam, Portugal, Greece, China, Mexico, Spain, Canada, Italy, Chile, Kuwait, Belgium etc. Read more

DFL-WDII hdd repair tool is now the world’s first hdd repair tool which is able to regenerate ROM for WD PCB 1640 series and newer WD hdds after 1640 series. Data recovery companies are able to have a much higher success rate in dealing with these new WD hard drives with DFL-WDII than with any other hdd repair tools. Read more

Hello to all DFL-WDII and DFL-DE users,

This is Stanley Morgan from Dolphin Data Lab and I am glad to keep you updated about the coming events this Saturday to meet our developing data recovery engineers of DFL-WDII and DFL-DE online. Read more

This case study is to introduce one important function-DIR start address editing and one of our powerful new functions in the coming upgrade which help to fix the undetected WD HDD so that users can move forward for further hdd repair and data recovery. Read more

DFL-WDII hdd repair tool and DFL-DE data recovery tool have been in the market for some time, especially DFl-WDII, this tool has been well tested and proved quite effective and efficient in repairing and recovering western digital hard drives. DFL-DE has been  over 1 month old and working well too. The new version of DFL-DE is to be expected next month with more powerful data recovery functions. Read more

DFL-WDII hdd repair tool is one advanced firmware repair and password removal tool for Western digital hard drives. It can be used for either hdd repair and data recovery purpose and therefore it’s very important and necessary for clients to learn how to analyze the hdd failures and what functions to select to use with the hdd for desired purposes.

This article is to discuss the bad sector repair options DFL-WDII has offered to its users for a higher success rate of hdd repair or data recovery. Read more

This is another happy client using DFL-WD II hdd repair tool and the following contents appearing in the support forum of one of our competitors has well revealed the client’s true experience.

Here at Dolphin Data Lab, most of our staffs are engineers and we are really not good at advertising and marketing, the only way by which clients learn about us is mouth-by-mouth spreading. The following contents give you an live example how clients learn about us and here we are really appreciated to this client who offered us the information. Read more