After a lot of times’ improvement, software upgrade and continuing professional support to all DFL users of DFL-DE data recovery tool and DFL-WDII hdd repair tool, Dolphin Data Lab has received more and more attention and inquiries from countries worldwide with different language and culture background.

In order to give faster and easier support to these clients from different time zones, we’re accelerating the process of setting up the reseller program and local support centers in different countries. Read more

When we are repairing our patient hard drives and recovering the data, it’s a must we have a correct analysis process and have one accurate conclusion on what’s wrong with the hard drives. Never do as you wonder when you are not sure of this one. Recently we have some clients who have shared with us some of their embarrassing experience before having our hdd repair tools and we are here sharing with all users so that you may avoid the same mistakes and destroy your data.

Let’s check the following failures and symptoms:

* The patient hard drives click each 3-4 seconds;
* The hard drives keeps busy and not ready; Read more

Dolphin Data Lab is here presenting all our best wishes to users worldwide of DFL series products and within this Christmas season, we wish our greetings will add to your happiness and wonderful celebration.

We’re sorry but we cannot offer you huge discount of DFL data recovery tools like some other suppliers do, because we’ve made very fair and attractive sales prices so that every potential data recovery body can afford to;

We’re happy and proud we’re offering the most cost-effective data recovery tools and solutions to clients worldwide and helping them with a real success in data recovery field; Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has just updated its user manual of DFL-WDII hdd firmware repair tool to its latest version-version 2.4 which is properly configured with the latest DFL-WDII latest program.

Within manual v2.4, we’ve added many more explainations on the WD important firmware modules including both modules which are often damaged and required to repair for getting the hard drives ready and make it possible to recover the lost data. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab is now adding VMFS partition bad sector recovery solution to DFL-DE data recovery tool which is so far the unique data recovery equipment supporting recovering data from hdds based on VMFS partitions with bad sectors.

The following is the supporting features of our new version of DFL-DE:

DFL-DE data recovery tool has two modes to extract the VMDK files: Fast Mode, Intensive Mode. Both modes support data recovery from bad sectors of VMFS partitions. Read more

DFL-DE data recovery tool Version 1.3 has been added with one new file system-VMFS-the VMware file system.Compared with all other disk imagers or data recovery tools which support bad sector recovery or bad sector image, DFL-DE data recovery tool is the only advanced data recovery equipment supporting bad sector recovery from partitions of VMFS file system. Read more

Dear Clients From Brazil,

Thank you very much for your support to Dolphin Data Lab on selecting our hdd repair and data recovery tools to start your data recovery business or enhance your data recovery capabilities.

We received the notification from all shipping companies the Tax ID number starting with CPF for individual purchases or CNPJ for company purchases is a must-have element for them to take the tools and ship them to destination places within Brazil. Read more

Can anyone imagine if one hdd repair or data recovery tool is designed and sold without proper and in-time upgrade?

As we all learn hdd repair and data recovery tools are used for repairing the damaged storage devices and recovering the lost valuable data.This can be used personally to recover the lost family pictures, or used in house for enterprises to get important company data, or used by law enforcement agencies and forensic departments to get effective proofs to be presented in the court, or used commercially by pc repair and data recovery companies.Not any one of them is willing to accept a tool which fail to achieve a success due to lack of upgrade. Read more

This document is to tell how to regenerate ROM automatically for New WD HDDs of PCB 1640, 1692, 1698 and other newer series without reading the traditional necessary SA ROM modules like modules 102-108, because these modules are already empty in these newer WD hdds and they are useless in helping regenerate the original ROM. Besides, the traditional method to regenerate ROM is limited to recognized hdds but for undetected hdds, the ROM cannot be generated at all. DFL-WDII hdd repair tool regenerates ROM for undetected hdds with the following simple steps: Read more

DFL-WDII Format and Translator Regeneration, Selfscan and Servo Calibration Looking Inside.

Servo Calibration is used to generate module 49 and 4A, it is used only when the 49 or 4A is damaged. When 49 and 4A are damaged, users may get full disk bad sectors when scanning the hdd. Read more