DFL Software All In One V1.651 Upgrade

After continuing test on the new software programs by some experienced Dolphin users and Dolphin engineers, the new version of DFL software all in one v1.651 has been available in the Dolphin user-only forum.

DFL software all in one v1.651 contains the following latest version for each module:

DDP V1.651
ST V1.663
WD V2.721
HT V1.330
SS V1.321
FT V1.320

Within this new version, users get the following new changes:

1, More stable imaging performance for faulty drives and ability of selective head image is further strengthened;
2, Within new st program, users can delete the defects according to the error codes and this function is further optimized too;
3, Import External NG list is added;
4, Head capacity display has been improved;
5, Improve head capacity counting bug;
6, ROM editing has been improved and support more families;
7, PSF defect list defect count display has been fixed;
8, SYS editing and external SYS import are improved;
9, Head and PYL selection for zone tables are added;
10, Within new WD program, the WD L series old drives’ module list failure has been fixed.
11, Mount image file is added for easier operation on the disk image file.

New features of DFL ST firmware repair program V1.662:http://forum.dolphindatalab.com/thread-2673.html

Dolphin team is adding many new functions for WD hard drives and other hard drive brands and will release soon in the near future. Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin official Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab