WD40PURX-64GVNY0 Data Recovered by DFL DDP Data Recovery Equipment


DFL Remote support team have been helping more and more users worldwide to recover lost data with DFL data recovery hardware tools and here is a new one.

New successful data recovery case study is being generated each day!

When this patient hdd was connected to DFL SRP WD firmware repair hardware, the hdd could be ready but when trying to read fw, it became busy. Besides, the hdd ID couldn’t be detected, capacity 0 and the ROM couldn’t be read directly too.

Next the remote support engineer suggested the user to short connect tv 9 and tv 10 to backup the rom and the most important firmware modules including the loaders.

Next, the support engineer bypassed SA, firmware restart and load ATA modules automatically.

Next the engineer tried the DFL easy-to-use slow fix solution, just one click and then wrote back the original ROM, firmware restart and reenter the program, the patient hdd was perfectly fixed.

Next the engineer went to DFL DDP data recovery program, enter file extraction interface and all lost partitions and files were listed and fully recovered.

If you are interested in starting a data recovery business using DFL data recovery tools or if you are willing to grow your data recovery success rate, any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab

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