Dolphin Data Lab has successfully completed the August advanced data recovery training and seen the clients off at the airport on August 23rd!

As for our advanced data recovery training, users can understand it more clearly from how our clients feedback to us:

Client-Ali Mohammed Alghamdi
Saudi Arabia Read more

Between August 19 and August 23,  Dolphin Data Lab is holding the advanced data recovery training course  based on our DFL series data recovery tools.

During this training, we focus on the Western Digital hdd repair and data recovery, Seagate hdd repair and data recovery and our DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment disk imaging, file recovery and common hdd repair of different hard drives.

On WD hdd repair and data recovery, we explained the general principles of repairing and recovering, went into details of each module, how to extract the module from tracks manually, how to find out the backup modules, how to understand each of the main modules by hex values, how to understand  the contents of SA module map, ROM module map, how to create ROM manually, how to repair bad sectors with different methods, etc. Read more

This news is to tell all clients who don’t have Dolphin Data Lab data recovery tools that all our tools are full-English programs.

We have recently got some doubts from some new clients asking if our data recovery programs are full-English because they saw some Chinese texts on our programs in some demo videos.

Here we must tell all new clients please don’t worry about this problem at all. As one world-class data recovery tools manufacturer and supplier, Read more

Within our data recovery lab, we have received many WD USB hard drives and they are mainly Western Digital 2.5″ My Passport Portable Hard Drive and 3.5″ My Book Essential External Hard Drives.

For WD USB hard drives, they adopt one hardware encryption technology by the USB controller chip and the algorithm of this technology make all data written through the USB ports become encrypted,whether you set password or not.

Within our data recovery cases, engineers meet often the failures of USB hard drives:

Power on the hdd, it spins up without clicking, but the USB port couldnot be detected or the capacity couldn’t be recognized and this is mainly caused by firmware failure and at this time, the hdd has slow response, slow detection, busy, etc. Read more

It’s a tradition that Dolphin Data Lab keeps in a close communication and cooperation with all our users and even many new clients who don’t have our tools are suggesting us to meet their new data recovery demands.

We are here reporting to all our users the latest working process of our research and development on new data recovery tools and solutions.

1, Working on the new version of DFL-DDP
2, Working on the new version of DFL-DE;
3, Working on the final stage of releasing DFL-STII;
4, Working on new USB hard drive data recovery solutions
5, Planning on the new upgrade of DFL-WDII.
6, Working on some other new data recovery and firmware repair tools.

Read more

Seagate is one of the biggest hard drive manufacturers besides western digital and seagate hard drive repair and seagate data recovery cases are very common within all our data recovery labs. This article will introduce to you the basic and important firmware modules of Seagate hard drive.

There’re two parts of firmware located on the platters’ minus tracks and ROM chip on the PCB, we call the part on the platter SA-service area or FW(firmware area).

A complete Seagate hard drive firmware contains  APP, Cert, Cert table, ATA(7200.10 and .9 contains ATA 0 and ATA 1) and vendor modules and ROM module. Read more