PCB damage of Samsung is one of the common failures we meet often, sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of time to find out the problem and restore the damaged hdd quickly if you can find out the failure cause quickly.

Today one client brought to us with one Samsung IDE HDD, when the HDD was powered on, it didn’t spin up and no response at all.

For such kind of problem, the first possible failure we can think of is on its PCB.

There’re usually two types Samsung PCB we meet often like below:

Type 1: Clamp PCB Read more

Before you can operate on a data recovery case, you should find out what kind of data loss your case belongs to.

There are various reasons which cause data loss

  1. Software
  2. Hardware
  3. Power Loss
  4. Natural disaster
  5. Deleted files
  6. Virus Attack
  7. Accidental disk format Read more

For hard drives of all hdd brands, if they are encrypted by ATA password, they are usually full of exclamatory marks when you try to scan them by MHDD and users are warned about PWD telling the hdd is locked.

Due to the special design of hitachi hard drives which have three copies of firmware, copy 1, copy 2 and a backup copy of firmware. After the hard drive is encrypted, the working zones of firmware copies are protected, the NVRAM cannot be edited too. Anyway, the contents of the NVRAM are not affected and the factory firmware copy is not protected.

For Hitachi hard drives, they can be ready by connecting the PCB alone. Users need to have some tools to enter the firmware backup copy, read the password module within this copy and write it to the copy 1. If the password module of backup copy is damaged, users need to find a donor password module of the same series of hdd to write. After this module write, the password is usually removed. Read more

Since the release the DFL-WDII hdd repair tool and DFL-DE data recovery tool, Dolphin Data Lab has attracted more and more data recovery engineers within less one year.

Until so far, all our clients come to us by word of mouth and then help to spread the word and then continues this way;

Until so far, we have never had one commercial advertisement because we don’t really need it. Our tools,functions and services speak for us.

Again, we must say data recovery is one serious art! Read more

In order to offer better-functioned and more secured data recovery hardware devices to data recovery engineers worldwide, Dolphin Data Lab has been testing all its tools both internally and externally.

We have sent our tools DFL-DE data recovery tool and DFL-WDII hdd repair tool to a third-party authority for testing and checking if it conforms to CE terms and conditions and now it has been confirmed by the authority these tools are properly designed and get approved for issuing the CE certificates. Read more

This is another hdd repair bad sector repair case study, it’s one WD10EARS 1TB hdd. We wrote this case study not showing how powerful our tool is, but the most important is to demo how to diagnose one hdd in different methods and how to find out the solutions. A right way of thinking makes you more successful.

The user tried to use format with P-list to remove the bad sectors but after the format and scanned the hdd, there’re still a lot of bad sectors, full of green and read blocks. Read more