Dolphin Data Lab has started to ship DFL-FRP (Firmware Repair Plus) worldwide to replace the DFL-WDII box and DFL-STII box. Users who are going to  buy DFL-WD II will get DFL-FRP with WD firmware repair module included; Users who are going to buy DFL-ST II will get DFL-FRP with Seagate firmware repair module included. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has worked out one professional and innovative USB hard drive data recovery equipment-DFL-URE (DFL-USB3.0 Recovery Express). Not only USB hard drives, but other USB devices such as SD card, CF card, etc can be connected to DFL-URE with USB card reader to get the data off.

We have talked with the traditional USB hard drive data recovery review in an previous article and now DFL-URE is one direct, innovative and high-speed solution to the damaged USB hard drives. Read more

At this happy Christmas season, Dolphin Data Lab has prepared the following Christmas offers for our clients:

Universal offer

Any Purchase Of Dolphin Data Recovery Tools including DFL-FRP(Supporting WD/Seagate/WD+Seagate), DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment, DFL-DE will enjoy Free Shipping Services by DHL express worldwide! Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has worked out the new hardware-DFL-FRP (Firmware Repair Plus), users with DFL-WDII old hardware are able to upgrade to this latest hardware.

DFL-FRP has one SATA port, one IDE port and these two ports are working independently, users can repair two drives at the same time. Besides, users can also operate on one WD USB disk by connecting the USB hard disk to the PC. Users will be able to select the USB channel when entering the program. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab is going to upload the new version of WDII v2.5 to our user-only forum and WDII version 2.5 has a big change in both the hardware and software.

The following is the new features of Software upgrade and users can get the software upgrade for free. We will release further details about the hardware upgrade soon.

  1. New families of 17XX, 18XX, 19XX are added to support, users can fix firmware failures of them and can also run single SF process on them; Read more

Dolphin Data Lab has released the new hardware design for DFL-WDII but we have given this new hardware new design a new name-DFL-FRP (DFL-Firmware repair plus).

DFL-FRP will be used as the name of all our USB firmware repair tools including our current DFL-WDII standard, DFL-WDII advanced, DFL-STII and our coming DFL-Samsung, DFL-Hitachi, DFL-Toshiba, DFL-Fujitsu, etc. Read more