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We are using the following case study to explain the methods in details.

HDD ID: WD5000BMVV-11GNWS Capacity: 500GB
PCB number: 20607-701675-004
USB2.0 design

When the hdd was received from client, the engineer connected the hdd to the pc and check if it spun up normally, to find out if it clicked. The diagnosis proved it working fine. Read more

When a hard drive is dead, undetected or clicking, users need to repair it or get the lost data back. For this purpose, the very basic and first thing to do is to diagnose the hard drive and therefore, it’s quite necessary for users to learn how a hard drive works and what’s the hard drive booting sequence.

Hard Drive Booting Sequence

  1. Drive power on the PCB ROM returns status
  2. Drive self check
  3. Spindle motor spins up
  4. Heads are un-mounted from landing zone
  5. Servo reads the firmware stored in the ROM
  6. The firmware in the service area is read
  7. The firmware extensions are read
  8. If an error occurs during this process the back up copy of firmware is read. Read more

One of our data recovery specialists from Chania Krete, Greece daughter was in a tragic accident two years ago. Rafaela is now 10-years old and bound to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. In June of 2011 she was visiting a trampoline park with her two older sisters. While playing on the trampoline lost her balance landing on the ground below. The impact from the fall made the child vomit and slipped into a coma.

The child immediately flown to a hospital on the mainland that specialized in such cases. The Doctor’s could not predict the extent of her injuries. She had suffered from neurological damage to the back, neck, and head. The day she woke from the coma confused and disoriented. She could not speak or understand what people said to her. Read more

As more and more users have started using the new operating system Windows 7 64bit OS and Windows 8 64bit OS and they call pcs with these systems ‘modern computers’.

Dolphin Data Lab has already worked out the 64bit drivers for both DFL-DE device, DFL-DDP device and their COM ports. It’s easy for users to install these drivers following the manuals and run DFL-DE and DFL-DDP within the modern computers.

One of our major developing engineers-Mr. Wu is now especially working on the integration of the drivers with the DFL-DE and DFL-DDP hardware firmware and codes and he has offered his testing result as following:

Read more

Undetected hdds can be caused by many reasons such as ROM damage, SA module damage,  incompatible SA and ROM, head damage, etc. This case study is to teach the ROM and SA must match by having the same microcode.

Download PDF of this case study here

The hdd was undetected due to ROM damage and let’s now analyze and follow some steps to fix it.

The first thing we could think was to backup the firmware modules when it’s possible, because whether it’s hdd repair or data recovery, we may use the modules in the operations later. Read more

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