Dolphin Indonesian In-house Data Recovery Training Course For Bank IT Department

Dolphin Indonesian sales and support center was invited to one local bank to offer data recovery training courses to their IT staffs.

The Indonesia bank bought the famous DFL-SRP USB3.0 all in one portable data recovery equipment from the local sales and support center and their IT department invited our Indonesian local data recovery engineer to offer product live demo and training courses on how to use the equipment to fix the common data recovery cases.

The engineer explained very carefully on how to connect all the physical components, how to get the latest software and upgrade for free, how to install the tools and get activated, how to use the Dolphin resources for free, how to use the fast repair solutions/button-fix data recovery solutions to fix the common data recovery cases.

With the easy-to-use data recovery solution, the bank IT department doesn’t need to depend on some third-party data recovery service suppliers and can get most of their sensitive important data by themselves.

Dolphin team are working hard to make all the tools more powerful and easier to use so more non-data recovery companies and organizations can use this tool effectively for bigger success.