Limited Time Offer: Free HDD Head Combs Pro. For High-Success-Rate Head Swap

Dolphin Data Lab is now offering a limited time offer during November 17th-December 17th and all new interests and potential clients can now take this opportunity to get some really working and excellent data recovery tools and hdd repair tools at the best rate and conditions.

What to expect within this limited time offer?

Within this limited time offer, users can get one of our head replacement tools-HDD Head Combs Pro.  for free by purchasing DFL-DE+DFL-WDII.

Dolphin Data Lab is offering the most cost-effective hdd repair and data recovery tools and the happy news is that users can get many new and powerful hdd repair and recovery functions. With these new functions, users with Dolphin Data Lab have always higher-success-rate of hdd repair and data recovery than others without.


HDD Head Combs Pro. Overview

The HDD Head Combs Pro we send to clients as gift by purchasing our DFL-DE+DFL-WDII is one professional head swap tool used to separate the heads of different hdd brands, different hdd interfaces and different sizes and capacities. HDD Head Combs Pro. contains 16 families head combs, 3 pieces each family and 48 security locking pins to stablize the head in and out of the platters.

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DFL-WDII HDD Repair Tool Overview

DFL-WDII hdd repair tool is one professional firmware repair and password removal tool for Western Digital hard drives.DFL-WDII has been used by many many hdd repair and data recovery engineers worldwide and right now we are upgrading this tool to new version 2.4 and all clients can get this new version for free by downloading it in our user-only forum.Within our FTP resource center, we share all clients with over 70GB WD firmware backups which enhance the hdd repair and data recovery success rate.

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DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool Overview

DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool is one professional disk imager, file recovery hardware and one powerful data recovery equipment which is able to repair common hdd failures. In the first version of DFL-DE data recovery tool, it has supported many common hdd failures of Seagate, Western Digital and Samsung hard drives. DFL-DE supports Full disk image, partition image, data-only image, sector-by-sector image, write blocking, selective file recovery, file preview, bad sector recovery, etc. When running the selective head image, DFL-DE program displays the current head number and it is very easy for clients to see which head has problem and untick and continue image;During partition image and file recovery, users can scan MFT when the MFT is damaged so that the partition and files can be listed.

We are right now upgrading DFL-DE data recovery tool too and the new version is soon avaiable in our DFL-DE user-only forum.

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How To Get The Gift Of Taking The HDD Head Combs Pro.

Option 1: Users can order DFL-DE+DFL-WDII directly on our online data recovery shopping system if users have paypal account. After the order, we will email the clients to confirm the gift with the order;

Option 2: Users can email to and ask for issuing the proforma invoice for DFL-DE+DFL-WDII, users can pay by our official company bank account to place the order and get the gift.


Learn More About This Limited Time Offer, please email to and users can visit our online data recovery shopping system to view and prices and function details of all our data recovery tools here.