Dolphin team have worked hard to add the unique Seagate Rosewood EB01 Format Data Recovery Solution to DFL hdd repair and data recovery equipment.

For Seagate Rosewood EB01 HDD format, it causes data loss and most data sectors become 0000 and there were no data recovery solutions before.

After suffering the HDD format, users may get about 10GB data in the front or get no data at all.

With Dolphin Unique Seagate Rosewood EB01 HDD Format Data Recovery Solution, users can get lost data fully recovered.

DFL HDD Repair and Data Recovery Equipment required:

DFL-SRP Seagate HDD Repair Equipment
DFL-DDP data recovery equipment

Users will get the new upgrade software from the Dolphin user-only forum and all DFL users will be more and more successful.

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If users want to repair new Seagate hard drives firmware corruption or recover lost data from the new Seagate hard drives,  DFL Seagate hdd repair tool and DFL DDP data recovery tool are the best choices!

The following new families are properly supported:

Janus AF
Rosewood A5
Rosewood AE
Rosewood 8C
CheopsliteA 9B
CheopsliteA AD
CheopsliteA B2
Tatsu 97
M11 A1
Pharaoh Oasis 94
V9 A0
Cimarron B5
Other new LM, DM series…

Besides above new ones, the traditional Seagate F3 hard drives and old T> drives are also supported well for both firmware repair and data recovery.

Many new Seagate hard drives have SED lock and users cannot access the firmware area directly. Users need to use DFL Seagate HDD repair tool to unlock the firmware area first and then users can backup the firmware modules and repair damaged firmware.

With DFL Seagate HDD Repair tool and DFL-DDP data recovery tool, users have the following solutions:

Repair capacity 0 Seagate HDDs;
Repair undetected Seagate HDDs;
Repair busy Seagate HDDs;
Unlock SED hdds;
Repair LED firmware corruption;
Edit head map in ROM;
One-click solution for many common firmware failures;
Partial sector access fix auto;
ROM module swap;
Head adaptive ROM generation;
Nohost ROM generation;
Firmware Unlock;
Seagate F3 Hot Swap;
LOD backup/write and write by COM;
SYS test;
NGlist editing/clearing;
Read/Edit/Write LBAs;
Repair by tracks;
HDD head flying height/ temperature adjustment;
Edit LBA;
Recover good data from good heads;
Image needed files only;
Source drive maximum data protection tech;
Image unstable drives and sectors;
Many more…

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Dolphin Data Lab has upgraded the Seagate HDD repair and data recovery solution and for all Dolphin DFL users, they can get the latest DFL Seagate hdd repair software from the user-only forum and repair and recover lost data effectively from the Seagate New ST8000NM000A 8TB B5 Cimarron family hard drives.

F3 T>^l
Product FamilyId: B5, MemberId: 01
HDA SN: WKD0ELXS, RPM: 7202, Wedges: 1A0, Heads: A, OrigHeads: C, ActiveHdMap: 03FF, Lbas: 000074795956, PreampType: 82 50
Bits/Symbol: C, Symbols/UserSector: CC9, Symbols/SystemSector: CC8 HostBlocks: 0x8, HostSectorSize: 0x200, SystemSectorSize: 0x1000
PCBA SN: 0000E03782WB, Controller: MYNAPLUS_2_0_SATA(1D20), Channel: Unknown, PowerAsic: Unknown Rev 00, BufferBytes: 10000000
SF ID: 9D 70, SF Part Size: 800, Flash Used: 3C0
Package Version: CRAEA1A06.SDN1.AB0462.SN02 , Package P/N: 100864930, Package Global ID: 00699153,
Package Build Date: 01/21/2020, Package Build Time: 13:26:54, Package CFW Version: CRAEA1A06.SDN1.AB0462.01847935.00699153.SN02 ,
Package SFW1 Version: B632, Package SFW2 Version: D632, Package SFW3 Version: —-, Package SFW4 Version: —-
Controller FW Rev: 01211326, CustomerRel: SN02, Changelist: 01847935, ProdType: CRAEA1A.SDN1QC, Date: 01/21/2020, Time: 132654, UserId: 00699153
Servo FW Rev: D632
Parallelism Identity: Single
TCG IV Version: n/a
Package BPN: 161
RAP FW Implementation Key: 22, Format Rev: 0003, Contents Rev: 01 13 C0 2F
Active BFW Container: 1
4K Sys Area: 1
TOTAL TTR = 00004F5F
– IOEDC enabled
– IOECC enabled
– DERP enabled v.
– LTTC-UDR2 compiled off
– SuperParity 2.5 enabled
– Humidity Sensor enabled
– Media Cache Partition enabled
– Torn Write Protection enabled
– SweepSeek 2.0
– SubRelease:0
– Critical Event Log v. 1
– FAFH 42.4 enabled
– EWP:1
– DRAM Mirror:1
– MiniZones Serpentine Media Layout

By the DFL Seagate HDD repair tool, users can easily unlock the firmware area, backup the important firmware modules, fix the damaged firmware modules and then recover the lost data with DFL DDP data recovery hardware tools.

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This is one successful data recovery case study for one Dolphin user from Mexico who is using DFL PCIe data recovery express.recharge version.

Patient HDD ID:

Model : ST2000LM010-1RA174
Family: Rosewood A5
Serial : ZDZBNJP7
Firmware : SDM1
Capacity : 3907029168 (1863.02GB)
Sector size : 4096
Heads number : 4

FW info : Obtained
FW version : RT0898.SDM1.CC0801.SDM1
FW package P/N : 100854747
FW ID : 00410701
FW creation date : 2019/05/26
FW creation time : 20:32:04
CFW version : RT08.SDM1.01556940.00410701
SFW1 version : 8975

Modules list : Obtained
Modules number : 55

Failure Symptoms:
Long time to get ready
Many LBA read error in COM terminal
Data area is not accessed

Due to the firmware area lock, users need to backup rom first, and then generate unlock rom, write unlock rom, power off and on, send unlock key, backup important firmware modules, fix media cache issue, clear glist, confirm nglist entries, regenerate translator.

After above firmware fix, Dolphin engineer opened DFL-DDP data recovery software to get all lost data back by direct file extraction.

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This is one successful data recovery case for Seagate LM Rosewood patient hard drive from one DFL user in India. Happy client again with DFL SRP data recovery hardware tools.

Model : ST1000LM035-1RK172
Serial : ZDE3D606
Firmware : SBM3
Capacity : 1953525168 (931.51GB)
Sector size : 4096
Heads number : 2

FW info : Obtained
FW version : RO08B6.SDM2.CC4676.SBM3
FW package P/N : 100821660
FW ID : 00211320
FW creation date : 2017/06/02
FW creation time : 01:36:16
CFW version : RO08.SDM2.01257352.00211320
SFW1 version : 6B6A

Boot 0x80M
Rst 0x80M

T:0x0012 0x0051BB95
Srv DETCR init 0x0000


(P) SATA Reset


EDAC Value = 00000000FFFFF844

EDAC Value = 00000000FFFFF844

EDAC Value = 00000000FFFFF844

EDAC Value = 00000000FFFFF844

EDAC Value = 00000000FFFFF844

EDAC Value = 00000000FFFFF844

EDAC Value = 00000000FFFFF844

EDAC Value = 00000000FFFFF844

(DOS Table) Worst Count: 00000000 At SU: FFFFFFFF NT: 00000000 OT: 00000000

MCMT table is corrupted

Intel 6G->3G

Send Status: COMRESET seen

CSpd= 3Gbps


MCMT table is corrupted

Simple steps to fix above case by DFL-Seagate hdd repair tool and DFL-DDP data recovery tool:

1, Unlock Firmware Area;
2, Backup important firmware modules;
3, Media cache fix;
4, Clear G-list and confirm the NG-list entries;
5, Regenerate Translator;
6, Image patient HDD or extract lost data directly by DFL-DDP.

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Dolphin team keeps working hard and smartly to release new data recovery solutions for all hard drive brands and from now on, Dolphin new Data recovery solution for Seagate Rosewood LM hard drives’ “ROM Dead” failure is available and unique to Dolphin DFL users. Read more