WD5000LPLX-60ZNTT2 2060-800018-001 HDD Firmware Repair and Data Recovery Steps


This is one of cases done by Dolphin engineer today for a Latin America user. The HDD ID information can be identified by program, firmware module list can be accessible as well, but has slow issue.

HDD ID Information

Patient drive: WD5000LPLX-60ZNTT2
PCB: 2060-800018-001
Family: Makalu
Capacity: 500GB

Reported symptoms
Slow issue, error when accessing data

Data Recovery Steps
1. Back up ROM and firmware resource by DFL-WD hdd firmware repair tool;
2. Disable module 02
3. Firmware restart-exit and enter program
4. Fix slow issue by just one simple click
5. Enable module 02
6. Firmware restart-exit and enter program again

The slow issue got fixed after above operations and then open DFL-DDP data recovery tool to image the patient hdd and all lost data was recovered.

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