Active Termination – A process through which electrical interferences or voltage produced in a series of peripheral devices which are attached to a computer system is reduced or ended.

An active terminator is a type of single ended SCSI terminator with a built-in voltage regulator to compensate for variations in terminator power.Active termination works to control the impedance at the end of the SCSI bus by using a voltage regulator, not just the power supplied by the interface card. Because it is active, regulating the power that it gets from the interface card, active termination is more stable than passive termination.Active termination is used by the Peregrine and Scorpion family of DAT drives (identified by firmware: 5.xx for Peregrine, 6xxx for Scorpion and 7xxx for Scorpion 24 drives). Termination is enabled by installing a jumper shunt over pins 11 and 12 on the Peregrine and Scorpion drives.